Top 10 Best Beaches in Brazil

Top 10 Best Beaches in Brazil:Beach, is any other thing better than this, there is not place, just as quiet and relaxing as the beaches are? The salt water on the beaches is like a natural tonic to heal your cuts and sores, the beautiful sunset and blue water is just eyed candy. There are more than one benefits of visiting a beach and, one of the major benefits is, it makes you physically fit. When you visit a beach, it is clear you are going to have a swim, and no one can deny that this activity is the effective way to burn calories.

Average one person can burn about 414 calories in one hour of a moderate swimming. The beautiful water of a beach is like natural shampoo, that cleanses all of the oils from your hair, seawater can get rid of filthy chemicals in your hair.
Besides the plenty of benefits of seawater, the sand on the beach can cure your skin problem, when you exfoliate your skin on sand, it cuts off the dead cell from your body, and gives your body the new cells, in this way your body can be more shiny and attractive than it was before.

Metabolism is one of the major gains of visiting a beach when you go out from your home and bury your body in the sand. This way leads to increase the metabolism of your body, and this is the reason about every health expert advice to spend your vacation in the corner of a sea.

We are going to tell you the best places to visit in your vacations in this summer, there is more than one exotic place in Brazil, but most interesting place would be beaches, here are we going to tell you the Top 10 Best Beaches in Brazil


Top 10 Best Beaches in Brazil

1. Bia do Sancho

Top 10 Best Beaches In Brazil

If you have lived in Brazil or have visited this country once in your life, you would have known the meaning of this word phrase “Bia Do Sancho”. This beach is among the best beaches of Brazil. Its location is just an hour by air from Natal in Archielago of Fernando de Noranha.The 21 islands of the marine park have something very different for you along country’s best sight, this beach draws drivers from all along the way to visits the green hawksbill turtles, whales, lemon, and sharks.

2. Ilha de Tinhare

Top 10 Best Beaches in Brazil

The very special thing connected with this island is having no vehicles, this town received electricity in The Eighties. Despite all the remoteness, this is one of the favorite places for foreigners and locals to visit.Very small but very comfortable villa to spend your vacation, you can find a place to live there in very cheap rates as well.You would found very interesting walking paths, white sand beaches, and wild area.The people of Morro De Sao Paolo are very welcoming and hospitality is at the best.

3. Praia do Forno

Top 10 Best Beaches in Brazil

Brazilian’s this village once was home to pirates and slave traders around the globe. After the vanishing of this industry, this area becomes a fish village. This area gained the popularity of tourism and more than twenty beautiful beaches add the flame on it.This Forno beach has separated from the other Bouzios towns and has one side large cliff along with submerging rocks.You would find a few dozens more beaches around this area; you should consider this beach to visit in this summer.

4. Praia de Pipa

Top 10 Best Beaches in Brazil

If you are willing to see the sea life, must consider this place, having clean water with dolphins, turtles and other sea animals made this place too commercial and one most famous beach of the town. This place was discovered in 1970’s and the clear water of this place impressed the visitors.The second most popular thing in this small beautiful town is cultural games, people around the globe visits there and watches their favorite and new games.This place is favorite for the independent travelers.

5. Praia do Campeche

Top 10 Best Beaches in Brazil


Forty-two distinct beaches have made the small town Florianopolis one of the most loved and attractive places for the visitors.The half of the place is in a land of Brazil and other half is part of Santa Katarina.This beach is favorite place for surfers and beachgoers, and nature loving people.

6. Lopes Mendes, Ilha Grande

Top 10 Best Beaches in Brazil

Lopes Mendes Island under the state of Rio de Janeiro was a long ago a leper colony, this remains uninhabited for many years. That is the reason this place do not have any development and the pressure of the developed cities. The person who likes nature and wants to live very close to nature should visit the place.Today, this is most famous and intact rainforest remnants of the Rio de Janeiro region. This place in this age also free of vehicles or even roads

7. Jericoacoara

Top 10 Best Beaches in Brazil

The person who is in search of most rewarding locations on the plant that require a journey, this is the greatest choice Unpaved sand tracks with tunes are the only way to come here.The arrival in the small town Jericoacoara is also the unmatchable experience of hospitality and care. A lot of restaurants and nightlife around the town made this very special place for the adults.

8. Ipanema

Top 10 Best Beaches in Brazil

Rio de Janiero’s most famous tourist place today got fame due to a song “The Girl from Ipanema”, The soft white sands and rolling waves had made this place to include in the list of top ten beaches in Brazil.A well-organized community with shops, cafes, and restaurants with art galleries and theaters are walking in the crowds on this beach. This beach also topped the list of top ten beaches in the world.

9. Baia do Sancho

Top 10 Best Beaches in Brazil

The core of the heart of all beaches around in Brazil is Baia Do Sancho, wild and very few people know the beauty and freshness of the water of this beach.You do not need to program to visit this beach officially, make it easy without of much planning. The great combinations of developed city and nature, a very large numbers of restaurants are there for the visitors to live.

10. Santos Beach Gardens

Top 10 Best Beaches in Brazil

A part and a beach combination are like icing on the cake, the beautiful sight of Santos Beach Gardens is going to amaze you. About half drive south, this is 5km and about 3 miles of a beachwear front garden.It is well established now, having bodies near to the blue water and greenery promotes physical health to the society. This is one of the major reasons of stress reducing among adults.

Last Words:

The green and blue places considered as a therapeutic and many mentally disordered people found less disorder after living a few months in such places. You should not avoid the positive effect of spending vacations on such places On Top 10 Best Beaches in Brazil and should visit the places to boost your mental and professional ability.

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