Top 10 Best Indian News Apps For Android

Top 10 Best Indian News Apps for Android 2017:In old days, to get abreast what is happening in the country and worldwide, we had to sit on a sofa for hours listening to boring news and senseless advertisement. Indian have been very crazy about the latest news, this craziness leads to this existence numbers of channels.

In these days, the new generation and technology are not bound to use the traditional medium of newspapers, these all news and newspapers with some most recent live videos are available on our smartphone. There are uncountable numbers of application, not only in India but also around the globe. These news applications provide their users the latest news, at their fingertips.

By using the online medium there is no limit and structure, what should I say, no filter, if there is news it has to be on the air or leak, overall this thing has proven very healthy.

Culprits are more in a cage than ever before in this global village, the news is just a way of your smartphone. Make a video that is unethical or demoralized scene and publishes on YouTube or on Facebook. The reality will become clear.


This is what the news application is doing, they are not in control of some filthy news editors, they got freedom, and they got public appreciation and doing their job. Here we are presenting to you the Top Ten Best Indian News Apps For Android in India…!

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Top 10 Best Indian News Apps For Android – Latest News Applications

10. Business Insider

Top 10 Best Indian News Apps For Android

If you have been searching for a very great application for technical and business news, a business insider is the best for you. Having different tabs for different topics and niche, this is the one great application, which should be in your android phone installed applications.

With best features of ability to share articles among your business geeks, having the ability to save the article for offline and reading it, this application knows what is happening in the business world.

It application got different tabs like politics, business, sports and many other.

Latest news regarding stock markets, banking sectors, share values and for real estate persons, this application is like one stop shop.

One can use this application to a breast his own business to world business. You can accelerate your knowledge, especially in Indian Context.

9. ABP Live

Top 10 Best Indian News Apps For Android


If you are interested in getting news in different languages, based on India, you should get this application. This application would give you a touch of different well-known Media channels Like ABP Majha, ABP Ananda, and ABP News.

Local news, Technology, Politics, and Sports Everything is on your smartphone via this application.

You can have different options and set according to your choice and reading habits, you can save the article for later reading or can bookmark your favorite page, which you want to read repeatedly.

8. CNN

Top 10 Best Indian News Apps For Android

If you are interested in reading very authentic and very solid news about India, you must install this application. You can set location, and can get news about that preferred location. This channel has established a solid background for providing genuine news around the world. This application had been nominated and won the best app award 2014.

You can get news from the area of your choice, you can set your preference, If you only want to get news regarding sports of a specific country, you can set your preference there and after that, this would be bound to notify you about sports only.


Top 10 Best Indian News Apps For Android

One of the best news platforms available around the globe specifically for Indian, this channel is one of the oldest channels of India and trusted as well.

The best feature of this Application live streaming of different shows and latest news.

Some smartphone users who cannot read the news should use an application that gives you live streaming of different news.

6. Aaj Tak

Top 10 Best Indian News Apps For Android

If you are a regular news watcher and watched news especially on the topic of politics, you would have known this channel “Aaj Tak “. This channel has recently launched his news application and is very popular around the globe.


The very special thing about this news channel is news in hand, this is the only reason this got the huge level of popularity. This channel gives you news on different verticals like Business, Sports, and Bollywood, local and international news.

You can set your favorite alert in term of favorite news in this application.

5. The Hindu

Top 10 Best Indian News Apps For Android

This news application is also very popular among masses. The best thing is it’s easy to use interface, also can set favorite news and alerts with offline mode, make this application one of the most popular news application.

This news application provides you depth analysis of the news, with the top level of experts in that field.

This application is very best for rural area living people, where only 2G works, this is very lightweight and very simple also.

4. Flip board

Top 10 Best Indian News Apps For Android

A painful feature of about all news application only provides the snippet of the story and for reading a whole story, you have to visit the official website.

This news application has solved the problem and without logging into a new website, it gives you the whole story.

You can create your own magazine there; you can add different stories of your favorite topic, in this way you will be able to read all your favorite content whenever you want.

3. Inshort

Top 10 Best Indian News Apps For Android

A Very best feature of this application is you can share the story on social networking sites easily. Second worth mentioning features are an ability to make the story short, you can get a completely vital point of the story within few seconds of time; this news application does not drag users to give the actual news or point.

THIS application is very popular which summarizes and paraphrase the news in 60 seconds

This application is getting the high level of popularity among the people who do not like reading long posts, I myself am the huge fan of this application, and this is best time saver with updated knowledge.

2. Daily Hunt

Top 10 Best Indian News Apps For Android

The second name of this application is multi-linguistic; the best app in India, this application shows Indian news in about 15 languages.

If reading is your passion, and you love magic of words, should install this application, it will give your latest and current happening news.

One can get news regarding weather forecast, with local news in this application. They have fixed a tab only placing for breaking news.

You can set the background, color, size with your preferred news topics.

Personalized home screen option is the best features in which you can set your favorite news in one place. Offline availability of your favorite content is one of my best features.

1. The Times of India

Top 10 Best Indian News Apps For Android

This application got the huge readerships around India. This is the best and fast downloaded application; you can get this application within a matter of the minute.

Every aspect of this application is worth watching, the horizontal scrolling to your favorite news notification.

This application is also available for Windows users, Windows phone users, and iOS users.

“Made for India to simplify your life” this is the famous tag line of this tv channel and application,

Last words:

So This Is All About Top 10 Best Indian News Apps For Android Sharing your articles, to your fellows and mates is possible by using these applications. One can read the favorite news and get a chance to let others know at the same time is the best feature of all mentioned news application.

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