Top 10 Best Music Apps For Android

Top 10 Best Music Apps For Android 2017:If you are a music freak and love listening to music all the way, this post is for you, stick in here, read the full post and do not rush around. We are going to share with you the top ten best music applications for your Android phones. The two must common used features of smartphones, according to the latest survey are listening to music and browsing.

In past people had to carry iPods, portable music player and most dedicated devices to the music, but nowadays, all this has changed and people carried only a smartphone, thanks to the storage capacities in new smartphones, you can have tons of your favorite music file and can listen to music according to your taste.

We all should be thankful to Steve Jobs, for his creative work and manufacture the first ever smartphone, that was able to carry thousands of music files in end of 90’s.

If you are very addicted to listen to rock songs and always carry your smartphone with you, then go on, this is the list of Top 10 Best Music Apps For Android, you should consider having in your smartphone.


Top 10 Best Music Apps For Android – Best Songs Application

1. Power Amp Music Player

Top 10 Best Music Apps For Android 2017

Power Amp is most loved music player around the globe with tons of features and options. This player will give you best appearance via themes and 10 bands graphic Equalizer will surely tune your music to the extreme level.

This powerful music player almost supports all formats of music playlist like black, FLAC, WMA, wav, Ogg, m3u and much more.
Gapless playback, Crossfade, replay again are other main features of this music player.

Can search your favorite lyrics, can edit a tag and customized the look and feel the app. At the end, if you are in search for a most powerful music player or an app for your mobile or tablet, this application is available for you.

2. Gone MAD Music Player

Top 10 Best Music Apps For Android 2017

Gone MAD Music Player would not be as popular as another music player around here would, but here we are making a list of the best music player, in my opinion, one of the underrated music players is Gone MAD Music Player.

This music player is all about sleek and fast experience with much more features. This is all about decent look and friendly user interface. It has more than one pack of audio quality; you can set your desired quality.There are more than 16 equalizers, with options of pitch corrections, balance control, crossed, cue sheet, tag editing.

This application does not have only playback options, but also a decent looking music player as well. This player has more than 1000 themes along with various customization options.

3. Black Player Music Player

Top 10 Best Music Apps For Android 2017

It dark minimal theme is the core of the heart, it’s theme perfection is just up to the mark, preferred balance is icing on the cake. Moreover, you can change everything here, can change font, size, colors animation, playing page to the sliding menus.

When we talk about features, it is the best quality supported by most standard formats including music player. The built-equalizer is also one of the most loved features of the player, but you can use an external equalizer.

This application is also available on Google play store but free for an only limited set of time. You can unlock some features by enabling ads on your application.

4. Pi Music Player

Top 10 Best Music Apps For Android 2017

A music player you should consider for your musical needs, the user interface will surely get your interest. Gorgeous and eye candy transitions are just icing on the cake.When you talk about the audio, it was built in 5-band equalizer with best bass boost. Moreover, others feature like sleep time, enhance folder view can grab your attentions as well.

With some very cute user interface graphics, this player got the powerful features than can stand out in the crowd. The ringtone cutter feature and PI Power share features is the core of the hearts. You can share your musical files via using these features.

You have to purchase the premium version to get full control over, but like other music application, it also unlocks some features by enabling ads on your home screen.

5. Phonograph Music Player
Top 10 Best Music Apps For Android 2017
This music player is new and popular music player out on the list, but its interface is eye candy and simple. Most of the users and developers behind this say this is the best looking musical application in the market and they are right.


The interface is just eye capturing and unbelievable, plus can customize your start page, the color, the themes and much more. Other features are alike with some musical players.

This player is for those who are in search of very simple and not so complicated music player. This application is available free, but you can support the development.

6. Neutron Music Player

Top 10 Best Music Apps For Android 2017

If you are particular about sound and quality, this is the best piece of architecture for you. However, this player is paid but can worth your money. The sound and the quality with 32/64bit audio rendering engine is the best feature in this player.
It supports variety of sounds effects and features along with the network host device.

7. Player Pro Music Player

Top 10 Best Music Apps For Android 2017

Though this player has far away in considering sound quality comparing Neutron Music player, when you compare the graphics and themes, this has a slight edge. Sleek-looking widgets for your home screen and free of cost are the major features of this player.

8. Jet Audio Music Player

Top 10 Best Music Apps For Android 2017

If you were a true music lover, you would have known jet Audio music player, when no android devices and one was has to use PC for listening to music.

The ten band equalizer with plus version of 20 band equalizer and also can buy a plugin for enhancing the sound quality are making this musical application, one of the leading application in the world of music market.

9. Mixing Music Player

Top 10 Best Music Apps For Android 2017

Decent music playback with a very low consumption of battery with internet radio, where you can play thousands of radio stations, mixing music player is one, you should consider for your musical habits.

You can create a mod based playlist, according to your mood and feelings. The sleep timer and home screen widgets are other major features of this player.

10. Double Twist

Top 10 Best Music Apps For Android 2017

When you want a music player, and demand to do more than one job like online radio, podcast and of course listen to music, you should have to taste Double twist music application once.

No doubt, graphics and looking at the home screen are eye candy, one of the gorgeous looking applications in the market. It is completely free and you can easily download this application.

Last Words:
What is your suggestion about our selection of Top 10 Best Music Apps For Android 2017, we have not considered fusion and Winamp in this list, because they have not been updated from a long time and creating problems for new versions of Android. Please comment if you think this list should be changed and some other application should be in the list.

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