Top 10 Best Places to Visit In Bangladesh

Top 10 Best Places to Visit In Bangladesh:Bangladesh is the land of green country side full of natural curiosities and colorful artistic life and vast Serpentine River. It’s a delusion destination for the tourists because it has mind blowing sites to die. It’s full of historical buildings, landscapes and has the largest forests and the longest sea beach. Other places to visit are hotels, monuments and picnic spot museums.

If your nomadic ambiance takes you off the trampled track to the shorelines of Bangladesh make sure you cuddle in these Top 10 Best Places to Visit In Bangladesh

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh

1. Cox’s Bazar

Top 10 Best Places to Visit In Bangladesh


(It is named after the British Officer Captain Hiram Cox who served British India). It’s an elongated sandy beach situated along the Bay of Bengal 60 miles (100 km) south of Chittagong. With a extensive unbroken beach and a small port Cox’s bazar is a popular tourists spot.

 2. Sundarbans

Top 10 Best Places to Visit In Bangladesh

It literally means “beautiful Forest” and is the leading mangrove forests in the world- home to man eating tigers and hungry tides-and is already seeing the influence of climate. Sundarbans was recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Forests are known for its self-reliant Royal Bengal Tigers and other numerous sorts of animals including chital Deer, Crocodile and Snakes.

3. Dhaka

Top 10 Best Places to Visit In Bangladesh

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh in the southern Asia. There are many places to visit in Dhaka like Lalbag Fort, National Parliament House and Ahsan Manzil. It’s a city full of busy bazars and full of traditional life. As it’s the capital all the industrial works is done here.

4. Sreemangal

Top 10 Best Places to Visit In Bangladesh

Sanctified with gently sloping hills carpeted with boundless tea plantations, impenetrable forests reservations and scattering ancestral villages. This place is destined to be exuberant amongst your most cherished experiences in Bangladesh. The town itself small, welcoming and easy to manage, but its surrounding countryside that’s the real inducement, with hiking, wildlife watching and of course tea drinking all high on agenda.

5. Chittagong

Top 10 Best Places to Visit In Bangladesh



 Chittagong is Bangladesh second major city and country’s biggest port. It is persistent, contaminated and crowded place, but as the gateway to Chittagong Hill Bands- one of the most stunning and enthralling corners of the country- it is somewhere that many friends permit through at some point. As well as a place to sort your travel permits for the hill tracts.

6. Rangamati

Top 10 Best Places to Visit In Bangladesh

It is the most popular destination in the Chittagong hill tracts for Bangladeshi visitors who come to enjoy the scenic beauty of Kaptai Lake, the country’s major simulated lake, which was formed in 1960 for hydroelectricity. The lake is speckled with islands and is undeniably stunning and a boat trip crossway is a whimsical way to devote a day out here.

7. Bandarban

Top 10 Best Places to Visit In Bangladesh

There is no enhanced place to associate in the charm of Hill bands than in sparkling small town of Bandarban, which decepts on the Sangu River, 92 km from Chittagong. The river is the center of native life: epically elongated bamboo tranches, navigated by a private boatman, gist restful downstream, while a country boats make slow expeditions to neighbouring villages.

8. Saint Martin

Top 10 Best Places to Visit In Bangladesh

South along the shore of Cox’s bazar, Saint Martin is Bangladesh’s only coral island and for once beaches about 8km in length and rarely more than 1 km wide- so its easy to direct. Rickshaws are accessible, but you can also walk around it from beach to beach.

9. Kuakata

Top 10 Best Places to Visit In Bangladesh

Located at the southern slope on Bangladesh estuary this is mainly lonely beach which was named by the inventive Mogh (Rakhine) Buddhist settlers, whose ancestors remain here today. Kua means “well” and Kata means “dug”. Legend has it that the name initiated from the early settlers drill of digging well in the area to fruitage fresh water.

10. Barisal

Surrounded by scrambled rivers and stitched by unending expanses of greenery, it is the major port city and one of the accesses to the water world that is Bangladesh. It is extraordinarily inaccessible from rest of the country.

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