Top 10 Best Messaging Apps For Android 2017

Top 10 Best Messaging Apps For Android 2017: An online messaging application like Whatsapp, Snap Chat, and Facebook Messenger breaks the internet when they were launched, but no one can replace the importance of text messaging.

This is one of the most used features of a mobile phone, you cannot do anything without of this amazing feature of a phone, but some mobile phone, Androids also, lacks the features of stock messages, and is not as much supportive and useful as they should be.

This way leads us to find another application, other than default stock messaging application on mobile phone. The beauty of the Android phone is that you can use any other third party application if you do not find default application. You can search third-party texting applications, which come with new features, fresh visuals, friendly graphics and much more.

Therefore, here are we providing you top 10 best Messages applications For Android 2017 that are being used around the world for texting.


Top 10 Best Android Texting Apps 2017 – Top Best Sms Applications

1. Google Messenger

Top 10 Best Messaging Apps For Android 2017

Most of the people know about Google Hangouts but very few of knows that Google has made this application core focusing on the fluid and pleasing interface.

Free texting application launched by Google with best features and light in size, this is one of the top leading message texting application in the world. The backup feature with some organization and decent search option makes it easy to use.

Though there is some issue with the application, and a little bit slower than other applications, but it is probably best free texting message application.
You can send SMS, MMS with media files to a person or a whole group, and can search previous conversations. Some other cool features are Emoji SMS and blocking SMS.

2. Textra SMS

Top 10 Best Messaging Apps For Android 2017

If you are finding application fast, smooth and very quick then, in my opinion, no one can beat Textra. Not only the application is visually beautiful but has the best features that can attract you to use this application.Very light in size, only 3 MB means very low space it will take from your device memory.

This Textra SMS got many themes with darks mode, schedule messages, delaying messages features make it one stop shop for text messaging lovers. The delaying message feature can stop the messages, which are sent by mistake.
Ability to block messages, and sending SMS or MMS to the whole group of friends has made this application loved and admired by millions.

3. Chomp SMS

Top 10 Best Messaging Apps For Android 2017

Textra developer developed this Chomp SMS application also. Very Good in customization options, you can choose among thousands of the themes available. There are more than a dozen features made this application one of my favorite.

The core feature of this application is customizing SMS according to your contact number; you can add specific ring tone or vibrations on some contact according to your desire. Also, can send SMS, MMS To a group of your friends, and can stop or block messages from a certain number. Pinned favorite Contacts messages on top and delayed message features are also popular among their users.

4. Handcent Next SMS

Top 10 Best Messaging Apps For Android 2017


Though there are more than a dozen very fine features involved in the success of this application, the core of the heart feature is its online availability; you can send SMS online if the other person is also online and have installed this Hand cent application.

Before the coming of new updates, it was not such attractive and popular. Moreover, you can save your contacts in your cloud and can send messages and MMS by using your computer or tablet easily.

The Hand cent call feature is one of the loved features, from where you can call to your friends free online. The SMS scheduler, MMS to a person or a group is common features in these days in a stock text messaging application.

5. Go SMS Pro

Top 10 Best Messaging Apps For Android 2017

If you own an Android device you might have come across the other applications of this team, just like go keyboard and go browser this is the well-known application of Dev team.


Many customization options with stickers and very often updates, a private box where you can save your private SMS Go chat features and very quick pop-ups make this application one of the best among the market.

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6. Facebook Messenger

Top 10 Best Messaging Apps For Android 2017

No doubt, about it Facebook is the best social networking site, and the Facebook Messenger has millions of the users. This is the only reason this application is popular. Many of the users do not like this application but are using because of his/her friend in on Facebook messenger.

The usage of the more battery, space, and ram is making this application not loved so much among masses.

7. Pulse SMS

Top 10 Best Messaging Apps For Android 2017

One of the most used and standard application, that is being used around the globe is Pulse SMS. You can text from your PC by using this application, it supports dual SIM devices, block-listing phone numbers, message backup and dozens of other features that will definitely amuse you But you have to pay for using this device, lifetime fee for using this application is about $10.99.

8. Now SMS

Top 10 Best Messaging Apps For Android 2017

This application’s premium version is a lot better than the free version. Features and visuals are alike Google Messenger. Currently Supports Emoji SMS, MMS and custom contact number notification with your desired ringtone or Vibration. Its performance can be lot better than it is now.

9. Evolve SMS

Top 10 Best Messaging Apps For Android 2017

Behind the development of this application, the team involved is Sliding Messaging Pro.This is free and very quick SMS application, you can send SMS MMS to your friends and group of friends.
Lock screen, SMS privacy, Emoji icons and with quick search bar has made this application of the famous text messaging application.


Top 10 Best Messaging Apps For Android 2017

The decent and cute look of this application will make you use this for text messaging on your android phone, very sleek and fluid interface has given this application high rating on Google Play store.

The developers, which are working on this application, are very keen to make this better for the audience, they are constantly updating this application, and there are hopes, it would be a number one application in the world.
Other features are same like other applications like night mode, quick notification, manual notification setting, group messaging and MMS.

Last Words: 

This list describes you the Top 10 Best Messaging Apps For Android 2017 around the globel. If you think, some other application can also make the place among these Top 10 Best Messages Apps For Android , feel free to let us know, we will edit this list happily.

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