IPL 2017: Sunrises vs Daredevils – Match Summary

IPL 2017: Sunrises vs Daredevils – Match Summary And IPL Team Standings

IPL 2017: Sunrises vs Daredevils – Match Summary

Here we are with another great match report of IPL Sunrises Vs Daredevils. Both teams are looking to win this match. Sunrises are now at number 3 according to IPL 2017 Standing they have won 6 matches out of 10. Where the Daredevils are on the last number in IPL 2017 standing. They have won only 2 matches out of 8.  Daredevils have to work quite hard in upcoming match to maintain their ranking then they were being able to play knockout round. While the Sunrises are still good with their position.

Match Summary:

Daredevils has won the toss and and elected to field first so they could take some early wickets.


Sunrises had a great start they opening batsmen has performed really well. David Warner and Shikhar Dhawan was the batsmen to open from the side of team Sunrises.
Both played 53 runs partnership inning. In this in this partnership warner contributed 30 runs while Dhawan contributed 28 runs.

Then Muhammad shami bowled David Warner to break this partnership, The Total score of warner was 30 runs in just 21 balls. This includes 5 Boundries 1 Six and 4 Fours.

Then Williamson has joined the strike and he played the innings of 24 runs in 24 balls with the strike rate of 100.

After the wicket of Warner sunrises lost and other wicket of their Shakir Dawan who has scored 28 runs. And later on the lost and other wicket of Williamson which was a great loss for team sunrises.
After a good start and then sudden losing 3 main wickets Team Sunrises was in great pressure.

After Losing 3 wickets then Yuvraj singh and Moises join the match in very under pressure condition. As the pressure was building by ball to ball. And the rate of score increment was even quite reduced. But as the batsmen like Yuvraj singh was on the crease team sunrises had great hopes to have a big total.
Yuvraj Singh Keeps the hope of everyone and then he started to rotate the strike and played a great inning of 70 runs in just 41 deliveries. His 70 scores consist of 12 Boundries which are based on 1 six and 11 great fours.
Yuvraj singh was the man to lift the team scored that much in really that under pressure condition.
And wouldn’t able to play that type of game alone. Moises was the men who supported Yuvraj singh to reach this total and he played a supportive inning of 25 runs in 18 balls

After the great effort of Yuvraj Singh team Sunrises was able to reach a big total of 185 Runs.

Bowling Performance Delhi Daredevils

Daredavils has bowled some great overs in the start of innings and took three quick wickets and that time the whole pressure was on Sunrises but later on the game was totally changed by the superb inning of Yuvraj Singh

Muhammad Shami was the man who took the 2 of the most important wickets and put the sunrises into great pressure. He bowled 4 overs and gave 36 runs.

Mishra bowled a great spell he bowled 4 overs and gave 23 runs with by taking 1 wicket.

The most expensive bowler was Kagiso Rabada who gave 59 runs in just 4 overs. This was the most expensive bowler in the innings.

Batting innings of Delhi Daredevils

Daredevils failed to perform well with ball now let’s see how they are going to perform with bat. They really need some big shots to reach that total.


Samson and Nair has Opened the inning for the Daredevils. As the great opening partnership was required from daredevils. But their opening batsmen failed to have a successful partnership.

Samson has played the inning of 24 runs in 19 balls which consist of 1 six and 2 fours & the 2nd opening batsmen Nair has still played a better inning 39 runs with in just 20 balls which was quite impressive. Then he lost his wicket which was taken by Pant.

After the opening batsmen the two batsmen Pant & Iyer also played a good inning and gave a good support to team. Pant Scored 34 runs in just 20 balls and and Iyer played the inning of 33 runs in just 25 balls which was really needed that time.

After the wicket of Pant, Anderson came to the crease and played a massive innings which consist of great shots and took his team to win this match. He played the innings of 41 Runs in just 21 balls. he hit 3 massive sixes and 1 four which was the key to team for success. Morris played a supportive inning to support the Anderson so he could play some big shots get this victory for Daredevils.

Bowling performance of Sunrises

The overall bowling performance was not that good at all they were really poor with the ball.

Muhammad Siraj Bowled 4 Overs and took 2 wickets by giving 41 runs which seems to be like quite expensive overs.

Kumar & Kaul Both of the bowler bowled 4 overs and took 1 wicket. Kumar gave 33 runs while Kaul gave 38 runs in his 4 overs.

Over all the bowling performance was poor from the side of sunrises. Hats off to Anderson who has played a great inning and got this victory for his team. Daredevils completed the target by scoring 189/4 runs in 19.1 overs which was really impressive.

After daredevils won this match lets have a look on IPL standing what was the effect of this match in the standing of teams. Daredevils lift up 2 positions and now took the 6th slot from the 8th but sunrises are still on the same position.

IPL 2017: Sunrises vs Daredevils – Match Summary

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