Top 10 Best Android Browsers Of 2017

Top 10 Best Android Browsers Of 2017:In these days, almost all websites are adopting for smartphones. A good browser should still need to install on the Android device. Therefore, Android browser is the most important application on a device. With a good featured and good performance browser, one can change entirely experience of browsing. To find a right browser can be difficult because there are so many options. The face of the web changes almost constantly. Here are we giving you the Top 10 Best Android Browsers Of 2017. So, stay around here and read the full post.

Top 10 Best Android Browsers Of 2017

Top 10 Best Android Browsers Of 2017

1. UC browser


UC browser is the pick #1 in the list of top ten Android browsers. The reasons are the most featured pack Android browser you can have. With a very powerful download manager, so you can easily download videos or files with out of fear to download broken. Speed mode is one of the best features of US browser. By going through this feature, one can easily use Facebook with a very slow internet connection. Speed mode loads light version of Facebook. Very best browser if you got a very slow internet connection.


Very powerful Catching system of this browser is making this browser even more famous. Therefore, if you visited a page this will save that page in memory. When you will go back to the same page, instantly it will give you loaded page.

2. Opera Browser

Very famous and well-known name among browsers is Opera. This is one in top three browsers in PC and Mac. With some nifty features, it is the cleanest browser. Well, known data saver features of this browser with an ad blocker made this one of the most online visitors around the globe.

3. Google Chrome

You might be thinking why Google Chrome is on #3 in best browsers. When you compared this with Opera and UC Browser, you will come to know the reason. Google Chrome browser is basic in the feature when came in competition with UC browser. However, I am not saying this is not a good browser. Still, Google Chrome is one of the best browsers on the Android market.

4. Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla was the king of browsers before Google Chrome came in the market. Shortly when Google introduced Chrome the monopoly of Mozilla was taking over by Google Chrome. Nevertheless, no doubt about it, the Mozilla still is the default choice for many users.

5. Puffin Web Browser

If you want a fast, wicked Browser must try Puffin. You will be amazed how fast this browser loaded the desktop version of the sites. Virtual mode and pointer, you can say the other best features of this browser. Which are awesome in desktop browsing style?

6. Dolphin Browser

One of the best choices for the Android users in case of browsers is dolphin browser. This browser has similar features like Add-ons on Mozilla Firefox. However, it is not as powerful as in Mozilla Firefox. Nevertheless, we can say one of the fine choices to install this browser.

7. CM Browser

The developers of clean masters are the developers of this CM browser. With a news feature like in UC browser and in Opera beta, this is one of the best choices. This browser also very light weight and fully secure in private browsing.

8. Apus Browser

You might have heard the name of this browser. The most famous thing about this browser is pop up on search web for the text you copy. It is definitely worth to try this browser.

9. Flynx

Best bubble browser available on the Google Play store is Flynx browser. This is not a fully-fledged browser like Opera and UC browsers. There will be a small bubble when you will search something on this. Therefore, when the bubble was completed your search files will be loaded.

10. In Browser

So, if you use private mode or Incognito browsing a lot. You should try this browser. Which is a very powerful incognito feature in it? Very good in private browsing even will not show the recent menus. This browser deletes this history right away.

Therefore, this was the list of all Top Ten Best Android Browsers Of 2017. You can install any of all these top ten browsers according to your choice and need. Hope you will like this list.


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