Top 10 Highest Paid Cricketers Of 2017

Top10 Highest Paid Players in Cricket of the Year2017: The world’s most popular and loving, having fans all over the world is the sport of cricket, ranked as the second sports after football. Cricket was invented by the French and then it became the national sport of England. The countries that participate in cricket and are the members of ICC are as follows: Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, &West Indies & Zimbabwe.


Those people who made this sport famous in these countries are non-others but its players who play cricket with great enthusiasm & spirit & who spend time to make it long lasting & popular. Yes we are going to take into knowledge the world’s Top 10 Highest Paid Players in Cricket of the Year 2017.   They are as follows ranking from 10 position to the top most position:

10: Steve Smith ( $ 2.5 million)

                           top 10 highest paid cricketers of 2017








Steve Smith ranks at the Number 10 position. He earns the majority of his money through his Central Contract and IPL Contract.

The Australian captain is also awarded a Captain’s bonus, which improves his yearly income. He is able to improve his yearly income with endorsements as well.

9: Gautam Gambhir ( $2.5 million)

top 10 highest paid cricketers of 2017

Gautam Gambhir has not been a regular in the Indian team for quite some time now but still, ranks  at Number 9. This is a result of his high IPL Wages and endorsements which earns him as much as the Australian Captain.

8: Yuvraj Singh ($ 3.8 million)

top 10 highest paid cricketers of 2017


Yuvraj has been a recent addition to the Indian Squad and has performed well in the series against England. He makes $2m in endorsements, along with his central contract and IPL Contract. He ranks Number 8 on the list.

7: Virendar Sehwag ( $ 3.8 million)

top 10 highest paid cricketers of 2017

This is a very surprising name on the list the talented Sehwag has retired from all forms of the game. But continues to remain very large amounts due to a large number of endorsements by the former Indian Opener. Though, he announced his retirement in October 2015. Recently, in an interview he revealed he earned around 30Lakhs by tweeting. He ranks on number 7 on the list.

6: Mitchell starc ( 4 million)

top 10 highest paid cricketers of 2017

Starc has been one of the best bowlers around for a while now. He has captured an impressive IPL Contract and has a few good endorsements which take his yearly income to $4 million. He ranks at number 6 on the list.

5: David Warner ( 5.5 million)


top 10 highest paid cricketers of 2017


Australia’s own pocket dynamite is an explosive left-handed opener. He has been in top form which helps him get good contracts for several T20 Leagues. That alongside his Central Contract and Endorsements helps him rank at 5 on the list.

4: AB de Villiers ( 5.5 million)

top 10 highest paid cricketers of 2017


AB de Villiers finds his name on almost all top 10 lists related to cricket these days. He is hugely popular among fans playing formidable attacking cricket. This has helped him bag a heavy IPL contract along with other endorsements & he is ranked number 4 on the lists due to his success in cricket world.

3: Chris Gayle ( $ 7.5 million)

top 10 highest paid cricketers of 2017


Gayle is known for performing in T20 Leagues all around the world and his contracts help him earn a majority of his income. He also earns through several endorsements and manages to take home around $7.5 million a year. All his success makes him rank at number3 on the list.

2: MS Dhoni ($ 19.7 million)

top 10 highest paid cricketers of 2017

MS Dhoni has one of the best IPL Contracts along with the central contract. He has been a intimidating He also has blockbuster deals with Pepsi, Sony, and countless other domestic deals which help him bag $14 million in endorsements’ finisher for his team. This makes him rank at number 2 on the list.

1: Virat Kholi ( $ 26.9 million)

top 10 highest paid cricketers of 2017

Top most popular of all times is this famous person who is the richest of all in ranks Virat Kohli the Indian Cricket Captain is the highest paid cricketer. He was named by Forbes’ as one of the most marketable Sportsmen. This marketability has helped him earn around $20 million only in endorsements. top 10 highest paid cricketers of 2017.

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    I Think MS Dhoni is still the highest paid cricketer despite retiring from the test cricket.


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