Trump Administration’s New Policy Covers Both Pakistan & Afghanistan: Gen. MCMaster

Trump Administration’s New Policy Covers Both Pakistan & Afghanistan: Gen. MCMaster

Trump Administration's New Policy Covers Both Pakistan & Afghanistan: Gen. MCMaster

WASHINGTON, 15 May: US National Security Adviser Gen H.R. McMaster has said that the Trump administration is working on a policy which will apply to both Pakistan and Afghanistan, and would be announced soon.

McMaster said in his recent media briefing at The White House, “And so what we’ll have at the end of next few weeks here is an opportunity for a much more effective strategy for the problem set in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the region broadly,” This is the first time that US has announced that the new policy will also cover Pakistan. There have been many considerations and statements but McMaster is the first US senior official who has talked about the new policy covering Pakistan.

During his recent and first visit to Islamabad, US Security Advisor Gen McMaster asked Pakistan to fight all terrorist groups indiscriminately, in a meeting with Prime Minister of Pakistan and his cabinet and security adviser. His visit was the first direct high-level meeting between Pakistan and the US since the new administration assumed office in Washington. In a statement released from US Embassy in Pakistan “stressed the need to confront terrorism in all its form.


In his an interview McMaster stated that “As all of us have hoped for many years… We have hoped that Pakistani leaders will understand that it is in their interest to go after these groups less selectively than they have in the past and the best way to pursue their interest in Afghanistan and elsewhere is through diplomacy not through the use of proxies that engage in violence,”


Pakistan is right now being blamed for rotting two strong resistance developments, one in Kashmir and the other in Afghanistan. Kabul, and New Delhi racket for controlling an “unbridled and uncontrollable” Pakistan through stern measures. Pakistan is along these lines occupied with tiffs with Afghanistan and India, both of which are probably going to burn encourage. Though Pakistan has stated many times that it wants to see a peaceful Afghanistan and a free Kashmir.

This creates a new worry for Pakistan. We can expect the  US put forth much more pressure on Pakistan. Though in a recent trilateral meeting in GHQ Rawalpindi, the military brass of Pakistan, Afghanistan and the US agreed on joint efforts against Daesh. Just like in past, chances are that the US might up its drone and aerial campaign to target alleged camps in Waziristan and FATA.

With the aim of not allowing any terrorist group to launch terror attacks in any part of the world, the new policy seeks to have a terror free Pakistan and Afghanistan. US Security Adviser Gen. McMaster proposed that America is considering the idea of deploying more troops in Afghanistan. Currently, there are 8,400 US troops  in Afghanistan along with 4,500 troops from NATO and allied states. President Trump is expected to announce the decision next month.

Gen John Nicholson, leader of US forces in Afghanistan, asked for a “few thousand” more US troops amid congressional hearings prior this year. The US is considering a military-overwhelming policy option to hand the tables over Afghanistan since it launched the GBU 43 bomb against IS a month ago in Nangarhar, Afghanistan.

The word is this new be Pentagon-driven system will spin around increased troop presence and aerial bombings. recent events have constrained the US to consider a strategy move. The Taliban are assaulting the US-prepared ANA with exemption, as of now, they control 58% of Afghanistan’s land. The undeniable failure of the Afghan state organs in managing the Taliban combined with the Kabul-Delhi joint interest for activity against Pakistan has constrained the US to vociferously emphasize its “do more” demand.

Gen McMaster said he would stress the requirement for “all of us must be focused on accomplishing our essential objectives in Afghanistan,” which is never to enable extremists to utilize that nation at the end of the day for propelling terrorist attacks. Though US needs time to discuss it with its allies so they can bring it on in Afghanistan. Looking forward to this new policy implementation, one can expect that all this policy shift can weaken the Pak-US ties in near future.


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