When Is Mother’s Day 2017 – Mothers Day Date & Quotes

When Is Mother’s Day 2017 – Mothers Day Date & Quotes


When in Mother Day in 2017? Everyone is excited to know that.

When Is Mother's Day 2017 - Mothers Day Date & Quotes

Everyone is waiting desperately for the Mothers day because the Love of mother is present in everyone’s heart. Some people show that cannot, but overall the love of the mother cannot be denied. Love of mother is the first thing which a child get even when he doesn’t bear in this world. Mother grow the child from his birth to an adult a fulfill his/her all needs and give him a lot of love. So it is the right of mother that their children by some mother day cards, mother day gifts and arrange other mother day activities. Mothers day celebration shows the importance of a mother in a family. It is celebrated on different days in the different parts of the World. This day appreciates the efforts, love, care of mothers. People think that it was firstly celebrated around hundred years ago in the US. Some People says that They don’t even remember when mothers day is, everyday their mother is there around them, its always special. They usually try to keep her happy, and that’s what she likes. So everyday is Mothers Day for them. People shows mothers day love in their way. In fact, Mothers day indeed ought to be done daily. But, just like any other special day, Mother’s day is also celebrated on a particular day each year to pay tribute to mothers and thank them for all their love and support.


“She is a mother for all other,

 But She is a whole world to her Family.”



When is Mothers day celebrate in Pakistan?

Like all other countries, Mothers day celebrations are also high in Pakistan. This day is full of respect and honor for the mothers. Pakistan is a Muslim country, and Islam also gives a lot of importance to the rights of the mother. Mothers day is celebrated on May 10, 2017, in Pakistan when Everyone celebrate this day in their way. Some arrange gifts; some children cook for their mother, some arrange a surprise trip, Cake cutting ceremony also held on this day. Everyone show the love and care for their mother according to their plans.


When is Mothers day celebrate in India?


Mothers day is being celebrated on second Sunday of May from last eight years in almost all regions of India. It will be celebrated on 14 May 2017 this year. Mothers day is an annual event which is celebrated regularly in  India. Celebrations of this ay in India also changes by the changing environment of India.India is a rich traditional country, so they also respect their mother a lot and celebrate this day with full of joys.People also celebrate this according to their culture as well as in modern ways now.They believe that Mother is like Goddess who never wants anything back from them. Celebrations are also held in School and Colleges.

“A mother can take places of all other personalities in your life, but no one can take the place of your mother.”

When is mother day celebrated in the United Kingdom (Uk) ?

Mothers day was firstly celebrated by Romans and Greek but after that, this day is starting to celebrate in the different countries of the world. People of Uk celebrate this day on 26 March 2017. Mothers day is celebrated on Sunday in the UK, so there is a normal holiday, and the child can make this day so much special for them. A Mother’s feeling for his 15 years old son, when he arrange a good dinner for her mother, “That is SO beautiful! What an amazing young man you have raised.  You have every right to be as proud as you can be, mama bear. Well done!”

Christians in the UK celebrates this day to respect the Virgin Mary (means the Mother of Christ).

When is mother day celebrated in the United States (USA) ?

Mothers day in the United States was decided to be declared as an Official event by the efforts of Julia Ward. In 1872. After the Greeks and Romans start to celebrate this day for the efforts and love of their mothers. Mothers Day Celebrations are on 14 May 2017 in the United States. There is always an annual holiday on this day. They recognize the contribution of mothers in the society and their efforts to make child educated enough that they will contribute to the welfare of a country. Cards, chocolates, flowers are recorded as highly selling gifts in the US on mothers day. Some families organize outing and other trips for showing the love of the mother.

When is mother day celebrated in Canada ?

Mothers day will be celebrated on 14 May 2017 for the affections and support of the mother. It is the most popular event after Christmas and Valentine’s day. It is always celebrated on the second Sunday of May. People thins that Mother deserves more than the gift. Some children also greet their mothers to the grandmothers to show the strong bond of love between them. The gift is the just smallest thing you can give to thank her for being with you.  But any gift can’t equal that she had done for you. She teaches us how to eat, walk, and give all the manners. No gift could measure up to how much your mother has sacrificed, cared for and love you.

Some Mother’s Day Quotes

Mother is the precious gift of GOD so respect her.

My mom is my love, my strength, my happiness, my support.

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