When Is Ramadan 2017

When Is Ramadan 2017:Hey guys first of all I would like to thanks to all of you guys who visited our site to read this article. We hope so you will find all of the information you have been looking for and we are much likely sure that you are going to like our article. So today we are going to talk about that topic you all have been waiting for. The most waited or most loved topic of 2017. This is about for the best month in Muslim calendar. So today in this article we are going to talk about the holy month Ramadan the month of fasting and prayers. The Things which we are going to discuss for Ramadan are given below.

What basically Ramadan is? When Is Ramadan 2017 is? What are the methods of fasting in Ramadan and why fasting is important for every Muslim? Why Muslims are fasting these days and other stuff that all you need to know. So let’s move toward our topic and discuss about the holy month Ramadan.

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When Is Ramadan 2017


What Ramadan is?


When Is Ramadan 2017

So here we are going to start. Basically if you are a Muslim then you must be aware with what Ramadan is? Why you should fast in this holy month? so here are the details about Ramadan. Basically the Word “Ramadan” is an Arabic word with is “رمضان‎‎”. If we have a look from Islamic Calendar then the 9th month is Ramadan. The month Ramadan begins when the Muslims saw the moon of the Ramadan. The Month of Ramadan will last 29 days to 30 days it depends upon the moon of new month. This month is called as the holy month because in these 29 to 30 days period where peoples in all over world are drinking, eating, smoking and doing other stuff. There are Muslims who spend whole month in fasting and praying. They cannot drink or eat during the period of daylight per day in this month.


Importance of Ramadan

When Is Ramadan 2017


Many of you must be thinking why there is too much importance provided to this month? And what’s special in that? So here are the some reasons why the Month of Ramadan has too much importance for Muslim. As the Islam has 5 Pillars. And the Fasting (Roza) is the 3rd most important Pillar of Islam after Kalma & Namaz. Muslims can fast any time of a year but as the people fast to get Sawab (Good Deeds or Credits in return of) But the Fasting in the month of Ramadan will give you more than the double of you do in any else month. That’s why month Ramdan has that importance.



When Is Ramadan 2017

As the importance of Ramadan and fasting is described above. So here we are going to discuss everything related to the fasting.
Muslims start fasting from the first day of Ramadan. They woke up early in the morning around 4:30 AM before the time of Fajar and they are allowed to eat and drink that time before the prayer of fajar and that period of eating & drinking before fajar is called Suhur. During the period of fasting Muslim abstain from drinking, eating and some other physical activities till the sunset at the time of Prayer Magrib. They have to change their whole activities for one month and they have to spent whole month in worship of Allah and fasting. After hearing the voice of Mugrib Azan Muslims can over there fast and that time is called Iftar. And then they are allowed to eat and drink till the next morning.

Fasting is important for the every healthy person in the month of Ramzan . But there is some relaxation from fasting for a few groups of people. They don’t have to follow the strict rules of Ramadan. This includes the children, Elders, People who are sick and the women who are having there periods or if they are pregnant but they can complete their remaining fasts after getting healthy again.


When is Ramadan 2017?

The date of Ramadan varies every year that’s why the question arises that when the month of Ramadan will start and when will be the Event of Eid. As the Islamic Calendar is based on the moon so that is the reason the month of Ramadan moves back like around 11 days each year. Not only the month of Ramadan date varies but all of the month according to Islamic calendar moves 11 days back.

The Expected date of the Ramadan 2017 is Friday 26th May. As it follows the Islamic calendar and it is based on the moon. So we cannot be sure about the date. Because it will be vary. If the moon appears on the 29th of last month then Ramadan will start from the evening of that day. But in case of moon isn’t appeared that day then it’s sure that the Ramadan will start 1 day after that day. And the last month will be of 30 days. Then the month of Ramadan will last for like 29 to 30 days will depend upon the moon.

After the tough period of a month then the Muslim are awarded with an event or the vacation of Eid-ul-fitr at the start of next month. The event of Eid is just like a gift for Muslims for their effort of fasting for a month. Basically the word Eid-ul-fitr is an Arabic word which means “The Festival of Fast Breaking”.
The Expected Date for Eid-ul-Fitr is Saturday, 24 June.

So that was some information about what is Ramadan. And when is Ramadan 2017. We hope so we have provided all of the information you have been looking for. If you found our article useful then why not share this type of information with your friends. And if it was beneficial for you then leave a comment. If we failed to provide the complete information that you have been looking for. Then also leave a comment we will try to improve in our next articles. Thanks for visiting our site we hope so you will keep visiting our site to read interesting articles.

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