Why Foreign Countries People Come to Pakistan ?

Why Foreign Countries People Come to Pakistan ?
Granted that Pakistan has had an image issue for as long as They can recall and They won’t deny that there are problems, but they are usually exaggerated and rarely represent the ground reality.

There is so much more to it which I’ll try to cover here.

Natural wonders and places
Everything from peaks that include the world’s 2nd and 9th highest mountains to marshlands that cradle the Arabian sea.

Pakistan have the world’s largest mountain face (Nanga Parbat) and the greatest nearly vertical drop (Trango Towers). The second largest salt mine in the world (Khewra Salt Mine) sits near ancient temples (Katasraj temple) where the earth’s circumference was calculated centuries ago.


The highest international highway in the world (Karakoram Highway) crisscrosses three of the world’s greatest ranges that combine to form the larger Himalayas. There are alpine lakes with amazing fables associated with them (Lake Saiful Muluk) and remnants of ancient megacities (Mohenjo-daro).

Beliefs and practices
Orthodox Islam is just one of many schools of thought. And a small one at that. The rest mostly follow a much more tolerant interpretation with often colorful and fascinating results. There are shrines of sufi saints dotted across the country, many of which see Ursevents from time to time. Annually, millions pour out for mourning processions (Day of Ashura) and annually millions come out to celebrate (Mawlid).

You will also find large christian communities with a number of churches in most cities. Although smaller in number, there are still many hindus here and countless temples that often date back millennia.

Languages and Culture
Here you will discover rituals that revere crocodiles, performed by people descended from the Bantu races of Southeast Africa (Siddi) and mountain tribes that still practice shaman beliefs, inherited all the way from ancient Greece (Kalash people).

Though it hides out of plain sight in this country brimming with all sorts of traditions, there is also a hedonistic subculture, especially in the urban classes. Every year, the world’s highest polo ground witnesses a centuries old battle between rivals, played out in the form of a polo tournament (Shandur Top).

There are over a dozen major languages spoken here, belonging to various language groups and over three times as many minor ones (Languages of Pakistan).


Food and beverages
Beverages include a wide range of local fruit juices, lassi and the national drink of milk tea. Alcohol is generally forbidden, yet with millions of estimated users, it isn’t very difficult to find. There is also a growing culture of european-style coffee shops in major cities.

This region is known for its overly spicy food that is close to Indian cuisine and there is a huge variety of it. However, many areas (such as the north and west) have palates influenced by Middle Eastern and Central Asian cuisine. At least in the cities, there are quite a few international chains and restaurants. These should easily cater to the non-spicy tastes.

All this may appear overly optimistic, but this diversity still manages to fascinate someone like me who was born here and has spent the last decade here. And I am sure there is still a lot more left to be discovered.

Here is my attempt to capture some of the beauty and diversity of this region:

It’s also worth following Paul Luning and his recent journey to Pakistan:

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Why Foreign Countries People Come to Pakistan ?

Pakistan is a very very long list of places where one can go for hiking starting from second tallest peak of the world “K2” to most difficult mountain “Nanga Parbat” both of which have never been climbed in winters. There are many many beautiful lakes at some amazing heights and enchanting beauties of northern areas of Pakistan.

Mushkpuri : Mushkpuri is the second highest hill of Galyat. It is located in the Hills of Nathiagali in District Abbottabad,Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. There is a three hour long but safe hill trek to the top. It is approximately 9452 feet (2,800 meters) above sea level.

Why Foreign Countries People Come to Pakistan ?

Ratti Gali Lake:

Why Foreign Countries People Come to Pakistan ?
Frozen Ansoo Lake: 
Why Foreign Countries People Come to Pakistan ?
So Why Foreign Countries People Come to Pakistan ?
Pakistan is a sovereign state in South Asia and is undoubtedly one of the most underrated tourist destinations. This is a land with heritage, history, rich culture and natural beauty. With the beautiful Nanga Parbat, Neelum Valley, Kaghan Valley, Fairy Meadow and K2, this is a country with exquisite natural beauty that provides numerous beautiful sights to savor for travelers.
A multicultural country, Pakistan witnesses various religious festivals as well as celebrations of Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. There are many Eid festivals such as Eid-ul-Azha and Eid-ul-Fitr which see grand celebrations all across the nation. Iqbal Day, celebrated on 9th November, witnesses annual revelries in the form of poetry readings, ceremonies and cultural events. Pakistan Day on 5th May, Kashmir Solidarity Day on 5th February and Love for Muhammad Day on 21st September are important holidays that see nationwide celebrations. The beautiful country offers tourists everything from stunning mosques and majestic forts to beautiful gardens and lofty mountains. You can visit Islamabad to see the Parliament building, Shah Faisal mosque and the President’s house. The ancient city of Lahore consists of Badshahi mosque, Lahore forts and mausoleums. You can also visit the famous Kim’s Gun cannon, which has been mentioned in Rudyard Kipling’s works, and the Aitchison College among other important attractions Thats 
Why Other Countries People Come To Pakistan

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